IT Security comptia a+ jobs near me

The beauty of the Network+ certification is that it opens the doors to most entry-level IT jobs and sets the stage to move deeper into cybersecurity specialties.
If you’re considering pursuing this cybersecurity certificate, here are some jobs that will be open to you:
IT managers develop methods to solve the company’s computer problems and oversee other IT employees. They are in charge of minimizing network downtime and keeping costs under control. The IT manager will advise upper management on the latest technology and how new hardware or software could benefit the company.
Information security, also called Infosec, is growing in its popularity and scope. It’s difficult to assign a specific job title for these military and specialized security jobs. However, despite not having specific titles, there is a demand for trained IT professionals to work in sensitive environments. This could involve anything from securing servers at large industrial corporations to working as a civilian contractor on a top-secret project on a military base. A quick look at the available jobs on will show a bunch of Infosec job opportunities. This type of position can be exciting, requiring you to obtain top-secret clearance, and being privy to national or industrial secrets. It requires integrity and work, but can be a very lucrative career from the get-go. 

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